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  • Louis Brennan

The Connacht Wedding Band you have been looking for!

Firstly, Congratulations on your recent engagement. We Wish you every success. I presume that you're here looking for your wedding band!

However, the fun starts now. Dealing with endless vendors via email, phone or worse, text. (Insert face-palm emoji here)

Well we are here to tell you that Fascination are your one-stop-shop for all your wedding music needs.

I could tell you all about our classically trained pianist who can help with ceremony and reception music.

Or I could fill you in on our Jazz-trained trio of guitarist, drummer and trumpeter; who ooze mellowness and suaveness at drinks receptions.

What about or array of female and male vocalists who regularly trot the boards for many musicals displaying their singing talents?

Or you could finish the night on a unique high with our DJ/saxophone combo that will literally leave the crowd pleading for more?!

The possibilities are endless. So why not contact us today and we can discuss in detail the variety of options available to you in just one e-mail or phone call.

It really is that simple........and pain-free!

Anyway that's enough of that. Fill in our form to see if we're available, tell us what your after and book yourself a Galway Wedding Band!

Click here now to enquire about your date!

Follow us on Facebook too while you're at it!

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